Citizenship Quiz #9

Choose the correct answer.

  1. What is the White House?
    It is where the Supreme Court meets.
    It is where the Senate meets.
    It is the Chief Justice's official residence.
    It is the President's official residence.

  2. What is the most important right granted to U.S. citizens
    The right to vote.
    The right to be on a jury.
    The right to travel with a U.S. passport.
    The right to petition the government.

  3. What is not a purpose of the United Nations?
    For countries to talk and try to resolve world problems.
    To change unfair laws in countries.
    To provide economic aid to countries.
    To provide medical aid to countries.

  4. What is NOT a freedom or right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?
    The right to a jury trial
    The right to vote
    The right to bear arms
    The right to assemble

  5. How many times may a senator be re-elected?
    2 times
    1 time
    No limit
    6 times

  6. What is the head executive of a state government called?
    The mayor
    The governor
    The president of the state
    The superintendent

  7. What are the duties of Congress?
    To explain laws
    To enforce laws
    To interpret laws
    To make laws

  8. What color are the stripes on the flag?
    Red and blue
    Blue and white
    Red and white
    Red, white and blue

  9. For how long do we elect the President?
    For 2 years
    For 4 years
    For 6 years
    For life

  10. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
    It freed the slaves.
    It gave women the right to vote.
    It gave citizenship to all freed slaves.
    It lowered the voting age to 18.