The Judicial (joo DISH ul) branch of our government is the Supreme Court and other federal courts. Their job is to explain the laws of this country under the Constitution. They must decide if laws are constitutional (do not go agaUSCISt the Constitution).

The justices (judges) of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President. There are nine justices and they are appointed for life. One of the justices is called the Chief Justice. This is the highest court in this land and their decisions are final. They meet in Washington, D.C.

Choose the correct answer to the questions below:
  1. How many justices serve on the Supreme Court?

  2. What does the judicial branch do?
    enforces the laws
    makes the laws
    explaUSCIS the laws

  3. Who serves on the Supreme Court?
    Cabinet members

  4. Who decides whether a law is constitutional?
    the Supreme Court.
    the House of Represntatives
    the president

  5. The Supreme Court and other federal courts make up which branch of the government?
    the executive branch
    the judicial branch
    the legislative branch

  6. Who selects the justices on the Supreme Court?
    the chief justice
    the president

  7. Which branch of the government is the Supreme Court?

  8. The Supreme Court meets in ...
    New York City
    San Francisco
    Washington, DC

    True or False?

    1. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States.


    2. The justices decide if the laws agree with the Constitution.


    3. The Supreme Court interprets laws.


    4. The decision of the Supreme Court is final.


    5. There are 8 Supreme Court judges.


    6. American people elect the Supreme Court justices.


    7. The Supreme Court judges are also called justices.


    8. Their term of office is life.


    9. The President appoints the Supreme Court justices.


    10. The Supreme Court justices must be approved by the Vice-president.


    11. The justices are always men.


    Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence:

    12. ________ Supreme Court judges are there?


    13. ______ is a Supreme Court justice's term?


    14. _______ explaUSCIS the laws of the United States?


    15. ______ is the head of the Supreme Court?


    16. ______ is the name of the Chief Justice of the United States?